4 Previous NATESOL Events

NATESOL sessions include presentations and activities led by ESOL practitioners, academic researchers and authors.

To give an idea of the breadth of topics and themes covered by NATESOL, please find listed below the programmes of previous years.

From Current to 2011 inclusive.

Academic year 2020-21

Comics & the Serious Art of Learning a Language: Using comics & Graphic Novels for Multi-Layered Learning. Jess Poole (University of Leeds. 17-02-21

Mobile Learning & EAP. Michaela Seserman (University of Nottingham). 12-12-20

Reflective tools & talk for teacher development. Steve Walsh (University of Warwick) and Steve Mann (University of Newcastle). 07-11-20

Language education, Social justice and migration. James Simpson (University of Leeds). 17-10-20

Academic year 2019-20

Online Teaching and Learning | Care to Share      Tony Picot (Manchester Metropolitan University) & Clare Courtney (Heart & Parcel) and Rhys Davies. 25-07-20

Sticky Objects and Positive Emotions: researching teacher well-being and resilience Dr Eman Alshehri, Dr Sian Etherington (University of Salford) and Judith Hanks (University of Leeds). 11-07-20

Live, Creative, Engaging, Intercultural, Online Storytelling. David Heathfield (University of Exeter). 06-06-20

Online Teaching: Changing your TESOL Toolset and Maintaining Your Well-Being Tim Leigh (Manchester Metropolitan University) and Dr Tammy Gregersen (University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates). 16-05-20

Achieving Language Learner Autonomy: Whose job is it anyway? Sharing ideas and good practice. Tony Picot (Manchester Metropolitan University). 12-02-20

Raising learners’ awareness of pronunciation problems.   Rachel Robinson (University of  Leeds). 13-11-19

Creative speaking activities to promote original thinking and boost problem-solving skills. Dr John Wright. 29-10-19

Previous academic year – 2018-19

Prepare for Pre-sessional. Will Nash (University of Sheffield). 29-06-19. Venue: University of Sheffield ELC.


NATESOL CONFERENCE 2019. 18-05-19. MMU Birley Fields Campus

Developing English Language Teaching: Materials, Affect and Technology.

Plenary Speakers

Martin Lamb The impact of online use of English on motivation to learn in class.

Sophia Mavridi Literacies and emerging digital divides: mind the gap

Hitomi Masuhara We feel therefore we learn – Affective engagement and effective language learning

Session speakers:

David Oakey Phrases for academic writing: comparing EAP teaching materials and research

Tania Horak, Elena Gandini Improving feedback and feed-forward to support students’ writing development through an online test platform.

Adam Scott Affect and identity in learning, teaching and perception of pronunciation

Richard Harrison Improving Critical Thinking through asking questions

Amanda Gorrell Nearpod: Flipping the EAP Classroom

Fatma Hamaid ‘Let’s bring the (F)un back into the Foreign Language Classroom (

Jenny Hirst, Rachel Robinson and Nancy Woods Designing and Delivering Content Based Language and Skills Courses for Specific Purposes (STEM, ARTS & HUMANITIES, MEDICINE & DENTISTRY)

Neil McGregor Innovation resistance: why is educational technology take-up greater?

Stephanie Aldred & Leanne Fitton. Keep calm and let them learn: introducing ways to facilitate stress-free learning of ESOL through the use of Flipgrid, Sway and Mentimeter.

Joe Greenwood Confidence and Competence: How to increase teacher’s abilities to teach grammar and punctuation materials.

Alex Holloway Enabling students to take risks: using vlogs, photo blogs and other moblogs to develop fluency & communicative strategies

Sarah Telfer ‘Make ‘em laugh!’- The Use of Laughter in the Language Classroom – Affective Aspects on Teaching and Learning.


Strategies to move learners along the “language continuum” from informal talk to academic writing. Lois Frith and Hannah Issah. 02-04-19. Venue: University of Salford, Old Fire Station.

English File 4th edition and Headway 5th edition Launch Event. Charlotte Rance and Christopher Graham. 13-02-19. Venue: MMU, Geoffrey Manton.

Teaching learners with AD(H)D. Suzanne Robertshaw (INTO Manchester).  Thursday, 18th November 2018. Venue: MMU, Birley Fields.

Exploiting the Creativity of Language for Language Learning. Melinda Whong (University of Leeds). 18th October 2018. Venue: University of Salford, Maxwell Building.

Academic year 2017-18

EAL in initial teacher education – fighting for a lost cause?. Wasyl Cajkler. Wednesday, 13th June 2018. Venue: MMU, Birley Fields.


NATESOL CONFERENCE 2018. 19th May 2018. MMU Birley Fields Campus.

‘Diversity with Inclusivity: Special Educational Needs, Disability and the Second Language Learner’’

Plenary Speakers

Anne Margaret Smith (ELT well and IATEFL IP & SEN SIG): ‘Raising Awareness of Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs)’

Maria Reraki (University of Birmingham): ‘Dyslexia and Inclusion in the Second Language Classroom’

Session speakers

Stephanie Aldred (Manchester Metropolitan University) ‘Inclusivity: a win-win situation’

Tony Picot (Manchester Metropolitan University): ‘Inclusivity in higher education: policy and technology’

Stephen Dodd (English in Liverpool and NATESOL Teacher Development Scholar): ‘Time to take back control: how project-based learning (PBL) can empower both teachers and learners for better learning outcomes’

Victoria Mann (University of Sheffield): ‘Dyslexia and additional language learning’

Pura Ariza (Manchester Metropolitan University): ‘Are foreign languages an ‘elite’ subject? How do we teach foreign languages to learners who don’t score high marks?’.

Gee Macrory (MMU) and Mike Beaumont (formerly University of Manchester): ‘(Not) picking up the signals: how autism can drop under everybody’s radar’

Ruth Arrowsmith (INTO): ‘Learning with a difference: meeting the challenge of identifying and supporting Specific Learning Differences in second language learners’


Multi-lingual Manchester: engaging with the city’s diversity. Huw Vasey and Alex Robertson, Multilingual Manchester, The University of Manchester, Wednesday, 18th April 2018. Venue: MMU, Geoffrey Manton.

Teach, Learn, Relax, blog. The chemistry of grammar: from a coursebook to personalised, motivational and modern resources that (not only) students will love. Joanna Davidson-Hajto (Salford City College). Wednesday 31st January, 2018. Venue: University of Salford, Maxwell Building.

The use of film to enhance learning in the ESOL classroom. Cormac Conway (Manchester Adult Education Service). Monday 18th December, 2017. Venue: Manchester Adult Education Services, Longsight Library and Learning Centre.

The use of storytelling and personal anecdotes to teach grammar in the ESOL classroom. Dr Sarah Telfer, University of Bolton. Thursday, 19th October, 2017. Venue: MMU, Birley Fields.

Academic year 2016-17

EAL and formal grammar in primary schools: what have we learned? Dr Huw Bell (MMU). 04-07-17. Venue: MMU, Birley Fields.

Thinking like a designer, doing like a super teacher – workshop. Gabriel Diaz Maggioli. Monday, 10th April, 2017. Venue: MMU, Birley Fields.

The goat in the classroom and other teachers’ tales’. Tim Phillips, Head, Teacher Development, English & Exams, British Council. Wednesday, 8th March, 2017. Venue:  MMU, Geoffrey Manton.

Creative use of the coursebook’. Brian Tomlinson,   07-12-17. Venue:  MMU, GM.

Back between the covers? Inwards and outwards course books for a modern age. Jeremy Harmer. 18-10-16. Venue:  MMU Birley Fields L3.

Academic year 2015-16

The ‘Multilingual Turn’ – linking theory and practice for EAL and ESOL pedagogy. Dr. Jean Conteh, University of Leeds. 15-06-16. Venue: MMU, Birley Fields.


NATESOL CONFERENCE 2016. 7th May 2016.MMU Birley Fields Campus

‘Humanising Technology: Practical and Realistic Strategies for the Second Language Classroom’

Plenary Speakers

Sofia Mavridi, Ed Tech Consultant, IATEFL LT-SIG Joint Co-Ordinator, ‘Don’t Judge a Tool by its Cover.’.

Gary Motteram, University of Manchester. ‘Humanising the digital in language learning’.

Parallel session speakers:

Elizabeth Allen, University of Bristol, ‘How can Sonocent Audio Notetaker develop students’ listening & speaking skills?’.

Joseph Bleazard, Kaplan International English, Liverpool, ‘Using IT to write collaboratively’.

Stephanie Dimond-Bayir, Anglia Ruskin University (Sponsored by CUP) ‘Tools or toys? Targeting technology for progress’.

Ben Dobbs, BD Communications, ‘Using technology for great business English lessons’.

Ryan Ellershaw, MAES, ‘In ‘Kahoots’ with technology: quick wins for assessing learning’.

Hazel Leigh, Sheffield Association for the Voluntary Teaching of English, (NATESOL Teacher Development Scholarship winner). ‘Supporting the development of volunteer ESOL tutors’.

Jess Poole, University of Leeds, ‘Using padlets to enrich reading circles’.

David Read, University of Sheffield, ‘An online course in learning technologies for EAP teachers’.

 Rachel Robinson, University of Leeds, ‘Using technology to enhance student presentations’.

Thomas Rogers, University of Bedfordshire, ‘Using real time visual representations of intonation in the language classroom’.

Ella Tennant, Keele University, ‘ Transforming feedback to international students’.

Varinder Unlu, International House, London, ‘Self-organised learning environments (SOLEs) – do they work in the language classroom?’


Reading the world … in English. Claudia Ferradas. 17-04-16. Venue: MMU GM6.

L1 in the L2 classroom. Katalin Egri-Ku-Mesu (Northern Consortium UK). 10-02-16. Venue:  MMU  Birley Fields.

Can mindfulness make teacher reflection better? Ya-Chu Lee (Jiang Chen Shi), University of Lancaster. 03-12-15. Venue: MMU  Geoffrey Manton Building.

Techniques for writing with reference to reading in the  academic version of IELTS. Sam McCarter. 19-10-15. Venue: University of Salford.

Academic year 2014-15

The silent period – passive receptors or accelerated learners? Caroline Bligh (Leeds Beckett University). 08-07-15. Venue: MMU, Geoffrey Manton.


NATESOL Conference 2015. Salford City College Walkden

Plenary speakers

Jane Willis. ‘Continuous tenses and continuing learning: a broader view of grammar, learning processes and teaching strategies’

Chris Lima. ‘The importance of reading literature in English language teacher education’

Parallel Session Speakers

Daniel Monahan. ‘Bridging the technophobe/technophile gap in teacher development’

Victoria Mann. ‘How can HE tutors help international students to develop diverse academic literacy skills?’

Stephanie Aldred. ‘I know a good lesson when I see one’

Steve Taylore-Knowles. ‘Skill and sub-skill: making skills teachable, learnable and transferable’ (sponsored by Macmillan).

Mike Harrison. ‘Frames for teaching, thinking and reflecting’

Sarah Telfer and Daniela Bacova. ‘Developing ESOL teachers’ use of story-telling as a pedagogic tool – sharing ideas to develop professional practice’

Bev Davies and Katy Finch. ‘Taking a risk with technology: developing ourselves as ESOL teachers through project work in community settings’

Ya Chu Lee. ‘Can a mindfulness-based reflective framework promote a more self-aware English language teacher?


The Chimp Paradox and its contribution to a stress free working life.  Diarmuid Fogerty (INTO). 19-05-15. Venue: Salford University.

Maintaining motivation- engaging learning in the lesson and throughout the course.  Craig Thaine (Co-sponsored by CUP. ) 14 April 2015. Venue: MMU Geoffrey Manton.

NATESOL 30th Anniversary Session. ‘Upgrade! Demand High To Bring a Grammar Lesson Alive’ by Jim Scrivener (Co-sponsored by CUP). 02-12-14. Venue: MMU Birley Fields.

Strategies for IELTS reading and writing. Sam McCarter (sponsored by MacMillan Publishing). 27-10-14. Venue : University of Salford.

Academic year 2013-14

Spaghetti Junction: unpicking grammar for teachers. Huw Bell (MMU) MMU. 17-06-14. Venue: Didsbury Campus.

Study, Work, Life: Developing transferable skills  across domains. Steve Taylore-Knowles. Macmillan sponsored event. 18-03-14. Venue: MMU All Saints.

Demystifying the art of test writing – hints, techniques and resources. Martin Eayrs. 10-02-14. Venue: MAES, Longsight Library.

Visiting the doctor: what learners of English really need to know. Duncan Cross  (REACHE Project). 26-11-13. Venue: University of Salford.

Listening & pronunciation- new models / new activities. Richard Cauldwell, freelance ELT consultant & author.  Wednesday, 6th November  2013. Venue: MMU Didsbury.

Academic year 2012-13

Grammar for all? The explicit teaching of grammar to young learners. Steve Cooke (Leicester University). 19-06-13. Venue: MMU, Didsbury Campus.


Saturday, 18th May 2013: NATESOL Annual Conference.

Salford City College, Walkden

‘Sounds interesting – innovative approaches to the teaching of the spoken language in second language learning’.

Plenary Speakers

Adrian UnderHill,   ‘Pronunciation, the Cinderella of ELT,  and the two princes… ‘

Peter Watkins, ‘ From practice to theory: teaching speaking’

Parallel sessions:

Richard Cauldwell, ‘Playing with soundshapes: dynamic activities for teaching listening’

Mark Hancock, ‘Pronunciation for listeners: making sense of connected speech’

Annie McDonald, ‘Teaching listening with authentic audio texts

Piers Messum,  ‘The problem with pronunciation – and the solution’

Karenne Sylvester, ‘ Let’s talk about TED’

Adrian Underhill (as a follow-up to his plenary)  ‘Understanding and using the phonemic chart’


Cafe culture in ELT- the importance of reading for pleasure. Jez Uden ( sponsored by the British Council).   21st March 2013. Venue: The Manchester College, Openshaw.

Supporting and tailoring autonomous learning with the Pearson ‘My Lab’ online resources. Catriona Gemmell (Pearson) with Keith Gould (University of Salford). 4th March 2013. Venue:  MAES, Longsight Library.

Empowering the dyslexic language learner  by Judit Kormos (University of Lancas ter). Wednesday, 30th January 2013. Venue:  MMU Didsbury Campus.

If you heard me, I’d bet you would think I was white. Problematising teacher identity in TESOL. Richard Fay & Eljee Javier ( The University of Manchester.) 30th October 2012. Venue: University of Salford

Academic year 2011-12


Venue: Salford City College, Walkden.

‘How do we know the roots are growing? Testing, evaluation and assessment in second language learning’

Opening plenary: Luke Harding, Department of Linguistics and English Language, University of Lancaster. ‘What lies beneath: dealing with the hidden in language testing, assessment and evaluation’.

Closing plenary: Dave Allan, Norwich Institute for Language Education. ’Taking TEA in(to) the 21st Century’.

Session speakers:

D Byrne/ K Gould. ‘Strategies for using Interactive Whiteboard technology to support learner autonomy, critical thinking and exam preparation – with or without the whiteboard’

B. Davies, Salford City College ‘Context, cohesion and English language teaching: evaluating developments in learners’ language and skills in ESOL engagement projects’

Dr. M. Hamilton, Cambridge ESOL. ‘How can assessment support learning? A learning oriented approach’

S. Sheehan, The British Council . ‘Does self-assessment promote learner autonomy?’

J. Stirling, freelance/NILE. ‘Teaching spelling to learners who fail spelling tests’

J. Wright, Manchester Metropolitan University. ‘Self-evaluation in the language class – the role of the ‘other’.


The use of wordlists: memory, meaning and method. Phillip Kerr ( MacMillan sponsored event).  Wednesday,10th May, 2012. Venue:  The Manchester College – Openshaw Campus

Spoken language research and ELT: where are we now?.  Ivor Timmis.  Wednesday, 14th March, 2012. Venue:  Longsight Library Learning Centre (MAES).

The trouble with team work’  – Stephanie Aldred and the MMU EFL Team.  Tuesday, 7th February,2012. Venue:  Manchester Metropolitan University.

Online context-related material for the ESOL classroom. The NEXUS Team, The British Council.  Thursday, 8th December,2011. Venue: The British Council, Manchester.

Personal learning environments – supporting informal learning. Victor Guillen, University of Sheffield.  Tuesday, 25th October 2011. Venue: University of Salford

Academic year 2010-11

NATESOL CONFERENCE 2011. Saturday, 4th June, 2011.

Salford City College Walkden.

Plenary Speaker

PHILIDA SCHELLEKENS (The British Council and Freelance Consultant). Breaking a barrier to communicating with the outside world – a focus on listening skills

PHILIDA SCHELLEKENS (The British Council and Freelance Consultant). Plenary follow-up and workshop on how we can link the learner to the outside world.

Parallel Speakers.

SARAH TELFER (The University of Bolton) and DANIELA BACOVA (Skills Solutions Manchester). Enhancing student interaction – drama in the ESOL classroom

RICHARD GRESSWELL (Leeds City College ESOL Teacher).Making and sharing video clips by young adult ESOL learners

JESSICA FRYE (Manchester Metropolitan University, Film in Language Teaching Association (FILTA). Bringing Youtube into the Classroom – Making use of short films in the EFL classroom

DR JON WRIGHT (Manchester Metropolitan University).Photocopy free projects that work in class

DAVID C. BYRNE (Poet and The Manchester College ESOL Teacher). Poetry and ESOL


EAP & Critical Thinking. Edward De Chazal UCL. Thursday, 7th April 2011 Venue: University of Salford.

Using DVD and film narrative in the language classroom. Michaela Salmon & Cormac Conway (MAES). Wednesday, 16th February 2011. Venue: MAES, Longsight Library.

Holistic Views of Grammar: a language awareness approach. Rod Bolitho. Thursday, 2nd December, 2010. Venue: University of Salford. 

Can I, should I, destabilize my learners’ sense of self? Martin Lamb. Tuesday, 19th October, 2010. Venue: University of Salford. 

Academic year 2009-10

NATESOL  Annual Conference 2010, University of Sheffield.

Saturday, 5th June, 2010.

Prof. Alan Maley (Freelance)  The Dividends from Diversity

Mark Krzanowski (University of London)  A world of diversity; ELT in Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Latin America

Sue Argent (Garnet Education)   Preparing students for Higher Education: meeting diverse needs

Dr. Wan Baba (The University of Sheffield)  Literature in language study: Voices from the ESL classroom

David Barker (OUP)  Reading and Writing for ESP Students: Meeting the Challenge

Sam McCarter (Macmillan)  IELTS: Strategies for developing reading skills

Nick Northall (The University of Sheffield) Motivating EAP students to read more in their free time

Dr. Alaric Rae (Pearson  Pearson Test of English – Diversifying ELT Tests


Drama & performing arts as medium for language learning’  Janine Waters. Thursday, 6th May, 2010. Venue: Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.

Technology without tears: using technology in the classroom. Will Nash & Keith Gould. Wednesday, 21st   April, 2010. Venue: University of Salford.

The story of teaching and learning. Adrian Underhill. Wednesday, 10th  February, 2010. Venue: University of Manchester, English Language Teaching Centre.

 OUP sponsored evening to launch New Headway ‘i-Tools’ materials. ‘Digital Days’ with Tim Roberts. Tues, 26/01/10 Venue: Manchester University.

NATESOL’s  25th Anniversary Celebration event. Venue: Friends Meeting House, Central Manchester. Lessons learnt from others: a celebration of co-operative development.  (20/11/09). Orchestrated by Mike Beaumont  (Honorary Fellow, School of Education, University of Manchester, and Founding and Current Chair, NATESOL)

Designing, refining & using communicative tasks. Jane Willis.  Tuesday 6th October. Venue: University of Manchester, English Language Teaching Centre

Academic year 2008-9

NATESOL 25th Anniversary Conference 2009.

Venue: MMU Didsbury Campus.


Peter Grundy, University of Northumbria – ‘Pragmatics and ELT: a silver wedding, I don’t think.’

Liam Brown, The British Council – Equal Opportunity and Diversity in ELT – the British Council approach. (Sponsored by The British Council )

Janet Golding, Trinity College London – Trinity’s ESOL for Work Qualifications: the first 2 years. Sponsored by Trinity College London.

Matt Yallop – The latest generation of ELT dictionaries – what’s new? Sponsored by Pearson Longman.

Pete Sharma –  Oxford Brookes University – Technology in ELT: past, present and future. Sponsored by Macmillan.

Philida Schellekens – Language in the vocational and work context.


A NATESOL debate: ‘The spread of English – a force for global good’.

For the motion: Alan Waters, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, University of Lancaster. Against the motion:  Julian Edge, Senior Lecturer in Education in the School of Education, University of Manchester. 07/05/09. Venue: English Language Teaching Centre, University of Manchester, Oddfellows Hall.

A whole world of support for teachers and learners of English.(24/03/09) From The British Council: Michael Houten, Chris Cavey & Tim Phillips. 24-03-09. Venue: The British Council, 4th Floor, Bridgewater House, 58 Whitworth St, M/cr.

Developing speaking skills in the ESOL classroom. Jane Allemano (Cambridge ESOL). 16/03/09. Venue: English Language Teaching Centre, University of Manchester, Oddfellows Hall.

‘What’s all the fuss about online testing’. Carrick Cameron (Oxford University Press). 16/02/09Venue: English Language Teaching Centre, University of Manchester, Oddfellows Hall.

Film in the ESOL Classroom. Cormac Conway, Michaela Salmon (MAES) with Racheal Hayward (The Cornerhouse). 10/12/08 & 11/12/08.Venue: The Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford St, Manchester