Past Events 2008- Summer 2012

'Film in the ESOL Classroom' 
10/12/08 & 11/12/08)
Cormac Conway, Micheala Salmon (MAES) & Racheal Hayward (Cornerhouse)
Venue: The Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford St, Manchester

Designed to link The Cornerhouse's ESOL programme with NATESOL, these seminars look at ways of using film to engage and inform ESOL learners. The seminars look at classroom management, communicative kinaesthetic tasks to link to viewing film and tips of manipulation of DVDs and AV equipment in the classroom.

'What's all the fuss about online testing'
Carrick Cameron (Oxford University Press)
Venue: English Language Teaching Centre, University of Manchester, Oddfellows Hall

This session looks at the theoretical basis and technical challenges of creating on line tests. It looks at the online testing materials available on and samples some of the testing materials / placement tests there. The session also looks at how institutions can access and utilise these materials via the web, linking in to their own institution-specific placement testing procedures.

'Developing speaking skills in the ESOL classroom'
Jane Allemano (Cambridge ESOL)
Venue: English Language Teaching Centre, University of Manchester, Oddfellows Hall

It's not all about 'you' when it comes to discussions! This session looks at classroom activities & techniques for the development of the skill of engaging in a discussion. Video clips will be used to highlight the challenges and pitfalls of engaging in discussion in examination situations and how tutors can prepare their learners to engage more and worry less. 

'A whole world of support for teachers and learners of English'
( 24/03/09)
From The British Council: Micheal Houten, Chris Cavey & Tim Phillips
Venue: The British Council, 4th Floor, Bridgewater House, 58 Whitworth St, M/cr

The session focuses on some of the learning and professional development materials available from The British Council including their free website and also free DVD materials related to sport and football.

A NATESOL debate: 'The spread of English - a force for global good'.
For the motion:        Alan Waters, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, University of Lancaster
Against the motion: 
Julian Edge, Senior Lecturer in Education in the School of Education, University of Manchester  
Venue: English Language Teaching Centre, University of Manchester, Oddfellows Hall

Alan Waters is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, University of Lancaster, which he joined in 2001 after working in the university’s Institute for English Language Education for a number of years. He has also held posts in Sierra Leone, Kuwait and Thailand, and run courses in many other parts of the world. Perhaps best known for his book on ESP with Tom Hutchinson (CUP, 1987), Alan has, however, written numerous articles for prominent language teaching journals, most notably in relation to this debate ‘Ideology in applied linguistics for language teaching’ (Applied Linguistics 30/1, 2009) and a review of Edge (2006) in ELT Journal 62/1, 2008).

Julian Edge is Senior Lecturer in Education in the School of Education, University of Manchester. Julian came to Manchester after having been Research Director at the National Centre for English Language Teaching Research, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. He has also taught at the Universities of Aston, Birmingham and Durham. His international experience includes teaching in Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Singapore and Lebanon. Two recent publications that are relevant to the debate are ‘(Re-) Locating TESOL in an Age of Empire’ (Palgrave/Macmillan, 2006) and ‘Imperial troopers and servants of the lord: A vision of TESOL for the 21st century’ (TESOL Quarterly 37/4, 2003).

NATESOL 25th Anniversary Conference 2009
Venue: MMU Didsbury Campus.


Peter Grundy, University of Northumbria - 'Pragmatics and ELT: a silver wedding, I don't think.'

Liam Brown, The British Council -
Equal Opportunity and Diversity in ELT – the British Council approach. (Sponsored by The British Council )

Janet Golding, Trinity College London - Trinity’s ESOL for Work Qualifications: the first 2 years. 
(Sponsored by Trinity College London

Matt Yallop - The latest generation of ELT dictionaries – what’s new? (Sponsored by Pearson Longman)

Pete Sharma -  Oxford Brookes University - Technology in ELT: past, present and future. (Sponsored by Macmillan )

Philida Schellekens - Language in the vocational and work context.

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'Designing, refining & using communicative tasks. Tuesday 6th October
(06/10/09) Venue: University of Manchester, English Language Teaching Centre
Speaker: Jane Willis, EFL consultant.

Jane Willis taught both French and English overseas before teaching on Aston University (UK) Masters in TESOL programmes. Now semi-retired, she works as an ELT consultant and teaches Tai Chi. Her prize-winning books include English for Primary Teachers (with Mary Slattery) and Teachers Exploring Tasks in English Language Teaching (with Corony Edwards). Her latest books (with OUP) are: Doing Task-based Teaching (with Dave Willis), and English Through Music, (with primary music specialist Anice Paterson). Find out more about their books at


NATESOL's  25th Anniversary Celebration event. Venue: Friends Meeting House, Central Manchester 
'Lessons learnt from others: a celebration of co-operative development.'  
orchestrated by Mike Beaumont  (Honorary Fellow, School of Education, University of Manchester, and Founding and Current Chair, NATESOL)


  NATESOL AGM & Symposium, Woodstock Hotel, Didsbury
Thursday, 14th  January, 2010

 OUP sponsored evening to launch New Headway 'i-Tools' materials. 'Digital Days' with Tim Roberts. Tues, 26/01/10
Venue: Manchester University 

NATESOL evening with Adrian Underhill 'The story of teaching and learning'
Wednesday, 10th  February, 2010. Venue: University of Manchester, English Language Teaching Centre.

It has been said (Howard Gardner) that stories help us to '...think and feel who we are, where we have come from and where we are going.' Stories are increasingly used to bring fresh perspective to professional learning, and in this workshop we will explore 'story space', the openings and insights it offers, and experience the shift from mundane to mythic and back. 
We will create short stories from our own experiences of teaching and learning, and see how this connects with our professional journey.
When you follow your bliss... doors will open where you would not have thought there would be doors, and where there wouldn't be a door for anyone else...' (Joseph Campbell)

NATESOL  'Technology without tears': using technology in the classroom. Will Nash & Keith Gould
Wednesday, 21st   April, 2010. Venue: University of Salford.

Two sessions in 1 event. Keith Gould will focus on the creation of listening materials made using Audacity recording software and Hot Potatoes interactive task authoring software, showing how the two can be used together to create a range of listening tasks to match the needs of the learning cohort. Will Nash will look at the opportunities offered by Web 2.0 options and the use of discussion rooms to create learning opportunities.

NATESOL  'Drama & performing arts as medium for language learning'  Janine Waters
Thursday, 6th May, 2010. Venue: Royal Exchange

NATESOL  Annual Conference 2010, University of Sheffield
Saturday, 5th June, 2010. 

Prof. Alan Maley (Freelance)  
The Dividends from Diversity 
Mark Krzanowski (University of London)
A world of diversity; ELT in Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Latin America 
Sue Argent (Garnet Education)  
Preparing students for Higher Education: meeting diverse needs 
Dr. Wan Baba (The University of Sheffield) 
Literature in language study: Voices from the ESL classroom
David Barker (OUP) 
Reading and Writing for ESP Students: Meeting the Challenge 
Sam McCarter (Macmillan) 
IELTS: Strategies for developing reading skills
Nick Northall (The University of Sheffield) 
Motivating EAP students to read more in their free time 
Dr. Alaric Rae (Pearson 
Pearson Test of English – Diversifying ELT Tests


NATESOL  'Can I, should I, destabilize my learners' sense of self?' Martin Lamb
Tuesday, 19th October, 2010. Venue: University of Salford.  
It has been widely argued over the last decade that learning a language involves gaining a new ‘L2 identity’, implying the destabilization of one’s existing sense of self. Is it possible to learn a language successfully without being personally engaged? What role can teachers play in learners’ identity work? Should they in fact meddle in such matters? I will discuss these questions with reference to different language learning contexts, including data from my own research in Indonesian secondary school classrooms.


NATESOL  'Holistic Views of Grammar: a language awareness approach' - Rod Bolitho. 
Thursday, 2nd December, 2010. Venue: University of Salford.  
We have a tradition, partly thanks to preferred approaches in coursebooks, of serving up the grammar syllabus to students in a piecemeal fashion leaving them to put everything together to construct discourse. This may work for serialist thinkers but not for those who like to deconstruct language from an existing ‘big picture’. Many learners never make it that far. In this hands-on workshop I will offer participants a way of looking at grammar holistically and with helicopter vision. 

Rod is Academic Director at Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE) where he is Course Leader of the MA in Professional Development for Language Education.

NATESOL  Annual General Meeting, Briton's Protection, Manchester
Wednesday, 12th January 2011  


 NATESOL ' Using DVD and film narrative in the language classroom' - Michealla Salmon & Cormac Conway (MAES)
Wednesday, 16th February 2011. Venue: MAES, Longsight Library.
This session looks at how commercially available films in DVD format can be utilised to provide kinaesthetic tasks to promote communicative language learning via a range of routines. The session also looks at the role of student-created video material and how learner centred video project work can contribute to learner autonomy and motivation. The session also demonstrated the use of the Smarttech interactive whiteboard and associated Notebook version 10 smartboard software .


NATESOL 'EAP & Critical Thinking' Edward De Chazal UCL 
Thursday, 7th April 2011, University of Salford
This presentation focuses on the essential role of critical thinking in EAP. We investigate the cognitive processes and characteristics involved, and consider the implications and benefits for our own teaching. The presentation aims to demystify critical thinking by looking at practical examples of tasks and activities which foster critical thinking development. These tasks integrate skills and language, and can readily be developed using texts and materials that we already use. We consider how critical thinking tasks can be both planned in advance and emerge more spontaneously, both in EAP and wider English language teaching contexts.


NATESOL Conference Saturday, 4th June, 2011, Salford College Worsley
See the conference pages for details and links to materials.       


NATESOL 'Personal learning environments - supporting informal learning' Victor Guillen, University of Sheffield.  
Tuesday, 25th October 2011, University of Salford
This presentation Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) are based on the idea that students can learn in a self-directed way, choosing what they want to learn, when to do it, which tools to use and who to learn with/from.  A lot of this informal learning takes place in different settings but the Internet offers great opportunities. This session will explore some of the online tools available to support this type of learning and I will argue that, actually , both VLEs and PLEs can complement each other well’.

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NATESOL 'Online context-related material for the ESOL classroom' The NEXUS Team, The British Council.  
Thursday, 8th December,2011, The British Council, Manchester.
Presented by ESOL resource specialists from the British Council’s ESOL Nexus team, this workshop will take a critical look at the issues raised by the use of the internet in the ESOL classroom. An online CPD Module will soon be available, which will allow you to explore some of the issues covered in the workshop in greater depth

NATESOL Annual General Meeting 
Wednesday, 25th January 2012. Woodstock hote,l Didsbury.


NATESOL 'The trouble with team work'  - Stephanie Aldred and the MMU EFL Team.  
Tuesday, 7th February,2012, Manchester Metropolitan University.
This workshop explores practical activities designed to enhance learning through novel team teaching techniques. We will look at ways the teamwork principle promotes critical thinking skills in both students and teachers


NATESOL 'Spoken language research and ELT: where are we now?'  - Ivor Timmis.  
Wednesday, 14th March, 2012,  Longsight Library Learning Centre (MAES).
This session looks at how recent findings can influence the practical development of language learning materials for use with learners.


NATESOL 'The use of wordlists: memory, meaning and method'  - Phillip Kerr ( MacMillan sponsored event).  
Wednesday,10th May, 2012,  The Manchester College - Openshaw Campus
This session looks at issues involved in engaging learners with wordlists and a range of classroom activities that can help students accelerate their vocabulary acquisition. 

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