NATESOL presents:
Tuesday, 4th July - Manchester Metropolitan University,
Birley Fields Campus, Brooks Building, Room BR 1.66.

6pm registration for 6.30 pm start.


EAL and formal grammar in primary schools: what have we learned?’

             By Dr Huw Bell 



Since the new National Curriculum was introduced in 2014, primary age children in England have started to learn at least some formal grammatical metalanguage. Research so far on the impact of this has not specifically addressed children for whom English is an additional language. On the other hand, there is a huge body of research into formal grammatical instruction for adult second language learners from the applied linguistics/TESOL community.


In this session I will discuss a series of questions around this issue. Can the findings from TESOL be applied to primary classrooms – and why (not)? How similar is the grammar typically taught in TESOL classes to that specified in the National Curriculum – and how significant are the differences? What do teachers need to know about EAL? Many children classified as ‘EAL’ appear to have to contend with two tasks rather than one – they have to master the terms in the National Curriculum while also learning English – but what are the implications of this for their learning of both the metalanguage and the language?


Dr Huw Bell

Huw Bell spent many years as an EFL teacher and trainer, working in Oman, France, Germany and the UK. He is currently a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at MMU where he teaches on postgraduate professional development programmes. His research interests include grammar and the teaching of formal grammatical knowledge. He delivers training in this area to students, trainee and experienced teachers and Adult Education tutors, and is currently working on projects involving teaching metalanguage to trainee teachers and the nature of teacher feedback on grammar. His most recent publication is:

Bell, H. 2016. Teacher knowledge and beliefs about grammar: a case study of an English primary school. English in Education, 50(2), pp.148-163.



Tuesday, 4th July, 2017


Manchester Metropolitan University 





Venue: Birley Fields Campus
   Brooks Building


Room BR 1.66

6pm registration for 6.30 start




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