‘Diversity with Inclusivity: Special Educational Needs, Disability and the Second Language Learner’

Saturday 19th May 2018

9am – 5pm



Metropolitan University

Birley Fields Campus, Brooks Building

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Plenary Speaker 1: Anne Margaret Smith (ELT well and IATEFL IP & SEN SIG): ‘Raising Awareness of Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs)’

Plenary Speaker 2: Maria Reraki (University of Birmingham): ‘Dyslexia and Inclusion in the Second Language Classroom’



Parallel Sessions:

Stephanie Aldred (Manchester Metropolitan University): ‘Inclusivity: a win-win situation’

Puria Ariza (Manchester Metropolitan University): ‘Are foreign languages an ‘elite’ subject? How do we teach foreign languages to learners who don’t score high marks?’

Ruth Arrowsmith (INTO): ‘Learning with a difference: meeting the challenge of identifying and supporting Specific Learning Differences in second language learners’

Stephen Dodd (English in Liverpool and NATESOL Teacher Development Scholar): ‘Time to take back control: how project-based learning (PBL) can empower both teachers and learners for better learning outcomes’

Gee Macrory (MMU) and Mike Beaumont (formerly University of Manchester): ‘(Not) picking up the signals: how autism can drop under everybody’s radar’

Victoria Mann (University of Sheffield): ‘Dyslexia and additional language learning’

Tony Picot (Manchester Metropolitan University): ‘Inclusivity in higher education: policy and technology’

Suzanne Robertshaw (INTO): ‘Teaching learners with AD(H)D’



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